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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Shane Richie six year affair with fan

 Shane Richie six year affair with fan. A fan of actor Shane Richie has claimed she had a six-year affair with the EastEnders star.

Alison Hall, who first met Richie as a besotted 13-year-old fan at the stage door, began running his online fan club when he joined the cast of the soap.

She claims the actor seduced her during "website sessions" when she was 22 years of age.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, 29-year-old Alison insists she and Shane regularly hooked up and claims he often asked her to send saucy snaps via text message.

"The first time we had sex we were in the spare room and my mum was downstairs," Alison told the paper.

"... I had spent years dreaming about being with Shane and now it was actually happening. It wasn't quite how I had imagined it but it was still incredibly exciting."

Alison claims Shane would pop over "two or three times a week" and was "constantly asking for pictures" during boring moments on set.

As well as meeting at hotels, Shane would arrange to see Alison at an empty house he owned, close to the home he shared with wife Christie Goddard, mother of three of his five children.

"It was just a shell," she explained. "There was no furniture, we just did it on the floor. There was no romance whatsoever, but I didn't mind.

"I'd always had self-confidence issues and knowing he wanted me made me feel good about myself."

Though the affair allegedly continued for six years, when Shane's calls became less frequent Alison ended up sending a drunken email to his wife which was followed by an emotional meeting between the two women.

Christie, however, forgave her cheating hubby and Shane cut all contact with his young mistress.

Alison claims she was left "devastated" and in counselling.

"I deserve to be heard and to have my feelings acknowledged," she told the Mirror. "Shane needs to realise how devastating it is to have wasted so much of my life on him.

"He must have seen I was vulnerable and had no self-confidence but adored him, and he took advantage of that."

Source: aol


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