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Sunday, 7 August 2011

'Cheryl Cole is the most boring woman in the world'

Cheryl Cole’s attempts to crack the US music market have suffered a blow after being described as ‘the most boring woman in the world.’

The 28-year-old has been holed up in a luxurious Los Angeles hotel for over a month after being dumped by the US X Factor and then failed to be asked back to the UK version of the show.

But it seems her hopes to record her third studio album while she’s in LA are wasted efforts as she has been dubbed 'Cheryl Mole' by hotel staff as well as being described as having no personality.

One paparazzi who follows her near ever move told the Mail on Sunday: 'It’s a waste of time. She never does anything. She is the most boring woman in the world.'

Cole is staying at the Sunset Marquis hotel which impressively has its own recording studio in the basement and is a favourite among top stars including Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams.

The staff at the hotel have reportedly all signed a confidentiality agreement but it has become a joke with them as they claim she is the least interesting person to talk about.

‘It’s become a joke among the staff that, of all the celebrities who stay here, she is the most privacy obsessed, even though she has no profile at all.

A photographer added: ‘She is as dull as dishwater. She never does anything except go to the gym, lie by the pool and work.’

Cheryl seems to have suffered a massive confidence blow since being sacked as a judge on the new US reality show.

When she arrived in LA last month with close pal and Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh she looked happy and excited but one month later, it seems she is in need of that morale support once more.

The insider added that Cheryl and her brother Gary Tweedy, who is keeping the star company in Los Angeles fail to make use of the bars and clubs surrounding them and often order in the same room service or sometimes will dine at the hotel’s restaurant.

They added: 'The pool is private and she spends a lot of time there although, again, it is odd as she will cover her tummy with a towel, almost like she’s embarrassed or hiding her figure, which is nuts as she’s superskinny.'

And another source who used to socialise with the 3 Words singer has reaffirmed reports claiming Cheryl only comes to life when socialising to do with work.

'She isn’t the most forthcoming of people. I don’t think she likes
socialising unless it is to do with work.

'She’ll work a red carpet because that promotes 'brand Cheryl' but when she has nothing to sell, she is rather dull.’

But luckily for Cheryl, it seems her pal Will.i.am is on hand to help her out in her time of need.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman, who recently posted a snap of the pair looking cosy while enjoying a break in Cannes, has already declared he is hosting Cheryl a ‘welcome to Hollywood’ party for when her third album is ready so she can get to mingle with more stars.

Meanwhile Simon Cowell has come forward admitting he offered Cheryl her US X Factor job back but she turned it down, adding to the reports she is seeking a reclusive existence at the moment.

Source: metro.com


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