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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Unusual Hobbies

Unusual Hobbies
Unusual hobbies. Have a hobby that seems a bit strange? These unusual hobbies may just win the prize when it comes to strange.
Folk Art doesn't get any stranger than Roadkill Folk Art. Found in some remote rural areas, this interesting hobby is not only unique, but a bit macabre. Wild animals that have met an untimely fate along the roadside are the main focus of this unusual art form. Armadillos in particular, with their thick leathery skin complete with head and tail, can be cured and molded into bizarre products such as armadillo handbags or life-like representations of the creature itself. Not a hobby for the squeamish.
More Nature Oriented Hobbies

When Ghostbusters character Egon Spengler was asked if he had any hobbies, he replied, “I collect molds, spores and fungus.” While not as strange an object of interest as taxidermied armadillos, fungus aficianados know their mushrooms and spend many hours combing the woods seeking out these unusual fungi. While many mushrooms are cataloged photographically, some hobbyists prefer to use them in craft products and even gourmet meals. The level of experience necessary to identify edible mushrooms from toxic ones can take years to perfect. Beginners should stick to getting their edible mushrooms from the grocery store.

Beekeeping is an interesting hobby that not only produces delicious honey, but royal jelly and beeswax are made as well. Beeswax can be used in candlemaking, craft making, natural cosmetics and as a polishing compound. Getting started in beekeeping is possible with only one colony, although two is recommended in case the hives suffer initial losses. Beekeepers can expect to be stung, but they usually get accustomed to it.
Hobbies From the Science Lab

There are professionals in the field of storm chasing and then there are the hobbyists that do it for the adrenaline rush and potential photo and video opportunities. As exciting as the field of storm chasing may seem to some, it is by no means a safe hobby and the potential for disaster is high. Be smart and leave this one to the professionals.

Some robots begin life as part of a school science project or as a household helpmate, but many recreational robots are built specifically for use in robot combat games. Beginners to the world of robot construction can start with ready-made robot kits, while more advanced hobbyists can try their hand at more advanced custom builds.

Just because a hobby isn't mainstream doesn't mean it's a bad choice, and variety does have a tendency to make things more interesting. So if it's legal and makes the hobbyist happy, go for it.

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