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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hobbies of Famous People

Hobbies of Famous People
Hobbies of Famous People. Hobbies of Some Famous Political Leaders

Celebrities and political leaders in that, like prime ministers and presidents of various countries are such busy people that they would not have spare time for their own. But many people do manage to have leisure time for themselves. Then the question that intrigues us is what exactly they do in their leisure time. Let’s see now; here are the hobbies of some famous political leaders:
George Bush: The ex-President of America George Bush likes fishing, bicycling and mountain bike riding. If he has any leisure time, he goes to mountains with his bicycle.

Tony Blair: The ex-Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair is very fond of playing guitar. He plays tennis very well.

Vladimir Putin: The ex-President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is skilful in Sambo (Russian martial arts). He gained black belt in Judo. He practices judo in leisure times. In addition to that fishing and horse riding are his hobbies.

Gloria Arroyo: Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo enjoys surfing in the sea. If she finds any leisure time she enjoys playing with tides in the sea.

Junichiro Koizumi: Japan’s ex-Prime Minister Junichiro koizumi loves the pop songs of Elvis Presley. He plays the songs of Elvis and dances.

Kim Jong-il: North Korean’s “Great leader” Kim Jong-il loves movies. He collects the CDs of movies and his total collection is about 10,000 CDs. He plays CDs and watches the movies in TV in leisure times.

Thabo Mboki: South African ex-President Thabo Mboki is fond of writing articles in his blog. Browsing internet is his hobby. In leisure times he writes articles in his blog against pornography.

Hugo Chávez: The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez is a baseball champion. Whenever he has leisure time he goes to ground to play baseball.



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