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Monday, 27 June 2011

1970s Fashion Icons

1970s Fashion Icons

1970s Fashion Icons. From bell-bottoms to butterfly collars to platform shoes, the '70s gave us some of the flyest fashions. These are just a few of the people who inspired us to groovy new heights.

The Jackson 5

Then: After a string of hit songs, the family act showcased its signature look on a short-lived variety series.
Now: A 2009 reality show documented the band's efforts to reunite. What happened during filming? 


Then: The rail-thin Brit retired from the modeling biz in 1970 but had a successful career in the '70s, despite growing out her signature hairdo.
Now: She's been a judge on a reality TV show and stars in a British advertisingcampaign.

John Travolta

Then: His iconic white suit in this classic movie and slicked-back hair and leatherjacket in this musical inspired a generation of guys.
Now: He took on a completely different look for a 2007 film and went follicle-free for an action flick earlier this year.

Bo Derek

Then: Her leg was bitten off in this film, but it was her braids and bathing suit in this movie that shot her to stardom.
Now: She has her own line of pet care products and will be serving on a California state board.

David Bowie

Then: His androgynous alter ego was a big part of this musical genre, but he took on another persona in the late '70s.
Now: The chameleon rocker has gone on to a successful acting career and is working on a new book.

Pam Grier

Then: The blaxploitation actress rocked the foxy 'fro as a butt-kickin' babe in several movies.
Now: She's been cast as a villain on this CW superhero series and shared her life story in a new book.

'Charlie's Angels'

Then: Their feathered 'dos inspired a generation of women, and Farrah Fawcett's red swimsuit adorned young men's walls across the country.
Now: They reunited in 2006 to pay tribute to a late TV legend. One of the Angels died three years later.

Sex Pistols

Then: The British punk band made ripped-up T-shirts and spiked hair look cool, and their fashion legacy lives on today.
Now: The band -- minus its most infamous member -- has reunited several times and released an unusual product earlier this year.

Debbie Harry

Then: Harry became famous for her trademark hair as lead singer of this band before embarking on a successful solo career.
Now: She and the band inspired a new line of sneakers and are releasing a new album.

Beverly Johnson

Then: The groundbreaking supermodel was the first black model on the cover of this magazine before becoming an actress.
Now: She was a judge on a modeling reality show and launched her own line of hair care products.

Crystal Gayle

Then: She had several No. 1 country hits and had a head of hair many women envied.
Now: She is still touring the world with that famous hair and received a big honor last year.

Richard Roundtree

Then: The former model was the epitome of cool as a private detective in this film trilogy and co-starred in a hit disaster movie.
Now: He played John Shaft's uncle in this remake and appeared in the first season of this prime-time drama.

Dorothy Hamill

Then: The ice skater won the gold at these Olympics and spawned a million copycat hairdos.
Now: She battled cancer and is still skating around the country.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Then: The former first lady continued her role as a fashion icon as a billionaire's wife.
Now: She died in 1994, but her fashion influence can still be seen today.

'The Brady Bunch

Then: It was all bell-bottoms and butterfly collars for TV's most famous blended family.
Now: The entire cast reunited for a made-for-TV movie before this actor died (how?).

Mary Tyler Moore

Then: She played the single gal with a successful career and a wicked sense of style.
Now: She's an animal-rights activist and raises awareness for this disease (which she has).

Diana Ross

Then: The former Supreme struck out on her own and became a disco-era icon.
Now: She was a mentor on this singing competition show and is currently on tour.

Elton John

Then: Known for his outrageous costumes and stage antics, the singer had a string of hits in the '70s.
Now: His crazy style inspired a younger piano-playing singer, and he is releasing a new album

Lauren Hutton

Then: She was one of the world's first supermodels despite this famous "flaw."
Now: She posed nude at the age of 61 and started her own makeup line.

Diane Keaton

Then: The trademark vintage men's clothing she donned in this movie is still fashionable today.
Now: She remains a fashion icon at 64 and is a spokeswoman for this cosmetics company. 
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