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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Celebrities Killed By Illuminati

Celebrities Killed By Illuminati

What Is Illuminati?

The Illuminati was created by an Austrian member of the Masons called Adam Weishaupt, they were a group of scientists and philosophers who met in secret, (illuminati meaning "enlightened ones") however they only met in secret because the church persecuted anyone who promoted beliefs that differ from the church's. The whole worshiping satan was made up by the Roman Catholic to scare anyone away from the illuminati. A famous member of the illuminati is Galileo.

There is another group called the New World Order, who claim to be the illuminati, and rumors spread that they control our governments and Business'.  
To become the wealthiest or a higher position and royalty from the elite, you need to make a human (blood sacrifice). The Illuminati have also sacrificed many celebrities as a human (solstice sacrifice).
Below is the list of celebrities killed by illuminati.

Michael Jackson:

It is very much believed that Michael Jackson was killed by illuminati. Because his death and the time was very strange. Michael could have been used as a sacrifice victim. According to Loyata Jackson (Michael's sister) Michael was actually killed. She claims that there were needle marks on his body. And the needle marks on his neck confirms that he couldnt have injected himself.  Michael Jackson always had been very outspoken when it comes the matter of injustice and oppression especially in the music industry to artists. He stated very vividly that there was a secret plan to get rid of him, or drag his image to the mud. Even through his song, his opinions are clear on how he felt about the Illuminati and their influence over him. His early music reveals so much about why Illuminati murdered Michael Jackson.

Tupac Shakur:

At the beginning of his career, Tupac Shakur, known as 2Pac. it is very much famous that Tupac was very much involved with the Illuminati at one point in time. Both in a positive and negative approach. His career was born because of the Illuminati. It's very difficult-pretty much impossible-to become famous and not be associated with the Illuminati. At one point in Tupac's career 1989-1990, he decided to sell his soul for fame and become a puppet of this satanic organization.
As time went on, Tupac became more and more famous. More people noticed his brilliant talent. As the time goes on, he realized that the Illuminati was nothing but a corrupt, and what he was doing was wrong. So he left, or at least turned against them. As a result of this, the Illuminati framed Tupac for rape. There are many reasons to support this apprehension. One of them being the fact that the police had no evidence, what-so-ever.
Tupac made an album called "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory". The title was set towards the Illuminati. He was saying that he was the Head Killuminati. This album had many subliminal messages to it. The album cover, the name, the "7 Day Theory."
This brilliant poet, and rapper, made many songs exposing the Illuminati, and the process of selling your soul. He warned people of the hard times that will be faced in result of selling your soul, and participating along-side the Illuminati. Songs Tupac was featured in:
    Scarface featuring 2Pac - Smile
    2Pac - Killuminati
    2Pac - They Don't Give A Fuck About Us
    2Pac - Hail Mary
    2Pac - Fame
These are just a few songs that mention, or are about the Illuminati, that Tupac made. As you can see in many interviews and songs, Tupac sounded like he knew his death was approaching. There aren't actual facts stating that he knew his death was near, but true Tupac fans, or any average person, can easily tell that he understood that his death was near. On September 7, 1996 He got shot and died on September 13, 1996.The culprit was never found nor identified.
The framing of Tupac's rape charge was sort of like a warning. He broke the Illuminati oath, and was overall exposing them in a way that no one else was. In result of all this, they decided to end the 15-year-old rapper's life. Tupac sang a song "illuminati want my mind my soul and my body they trying to keep they eye on me".

Bob Marley:

Listen to his music, its mostly about Love, Peace, Unity, and Racial Equality for all. He also attacked the Illuminati in songs like "Top Ranking" and "Could You Be Loved". Bob Marley believed very strongly that he could cure all the hate, racism, and evil in the world by injecting music that contained Love and Peace into peoples lives. Two days before he was scheduled to perform at a peace concert, a gunman came to his house and shot him twice. Two days later he walked up on the stage and sang. Someone asked him "Why"? and Bob Marley said " The people who r trying to make this world worst are not taking a day off. How can I?
It is very famous that a Nazi Doctor was sent to kill Bob Marley. Maybe they gave him cancer or maybe he didn't have cancer and the media lied about it. In both ways they did kill him. Marley, unaware of his physician’s past, was placed on a regimen of exercise, vaccines [some illegal], ozone injections, vitamins and trace minerals.
In time, Dr. Issels also introduced torture. Long needles were plunged through Marley’s stomach through to the spine. The patient-victim was told that this was part of his “treatment.” The torture continued until Marley foundered on the threshold of death.

Princess Diana:

Diana, Princess of Wales died in a car accident because the driver was over the alcohol limit and was driving too fast. Diana, Dodi, and the driver, Henri Paul, were not wearing seat belts, so didn't stand a chance. The bodyguard, Trevor Rees Jones, was wearing a seat belt and survived. The only mystery is that she was not wearing a seat belt. Something she always did without exception before this.
PAUL Burrell, ex-royal butler told police of an MI5 link to the chilling letter in which Princess Diana predicted she would be killed in a car crash. The ex-royal butler was quizzed for three hours by detectives probing Diana’s death in 1997.
An eye witness to Princess Diana’s death says that her limo was forced to crash by a white Fiat. Diana was still alive and would have survived, if the ambulance not deliberately passed four seperate hospitals and had it not been going at a maximum speed of only 25 miles per hour. A Channel 5 documentary aired in Britain whose investigation proves both that the death of Princess Diana was a pre-meditated murder and that secret service agents were involved.
Britain’s senior intelligence service, MI6, has briefed the Queen about secret video cassettes Princess Diana made three months after she wrote the letter in which she predicted she would be murdered in a car crash made to look like an “accident.”
Diana confided in a royal biographer that she feared for her life just two months before her death. Ingrid Seward was told by Diana that she felt her life had been in danger, in a heart-to-heart chat at Kensington Palace. So, all these points prove that her death was totally planned and she was assassinated.

Whitney Houston:

A girl with a voice of a song bird & one who started her career with bit parts on the tv sitcom Different Strokes and modeling in teeny bopper magazines.
Whitney Houston always used to speak about the Hollywood Illuminati and displayed resentment towards her family.  Houston only lasted so long because Clive Davis, the one who introduced her in Hollywood, was protecting her but you cant protect a demanding diva, who has an Illuminati expiration date.
according to Whitney Houston, she said that between her parents and the Hollywood Illuminati, she may one day end up dead.
Before Houston signed onto  the movie, The Bodyguard she also signed a contract saying that she would promote Lucifer via black dysfunction, drug use and glorify perverted sexual lifestyles.  This is the standard Illuminati Contract that all black musical artist sign, if they are to reach Super Star Status.  You can be famous in Hollywood but to reach International Super Star Status like Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Kanye West or Whitney Houston, you will end up signing one of these contracts.
Houston tried to back out of the contract and ended up putting a gospel song “Jesus Loves Me” on the flip side of “I Will Always Love You” when it came out as a single at the music stores. She clearly doesn't know that one cant escape the Illuminati Contracts which they all sign in Hollywood. In the music industry, everyone knows that you can not promote Christianity.  It simply isn’t done.  Lucifer is the lord in Hollywood and everyone knows it. Once you are in the Illuminati you can have an endless supply of legal and illegal drugs and the Illuminati prefers this because once your expiration date is due, you can be killed and the public assumes that you are dead from drugs.
By the time Whitney Houston filmed The Preachers Wife, with Denzel Washington (another Illuminati slave)-she was already strung out on drugs.  Her voice is cracking in the film from smoking crack/cocaine and her complexion is bumpy & muddy. She was 48 but she looked 60 at the time of her death.She was injected with a substance in her butt, she saw the shadow of a needle when she was on her hotel room bed and got paranoid because when she turned around, no one was there.
She thought her mind was playing tricks on her.  She broke out into a cold sweat, ran the water to the tub as she tried to go on the toilet, she grew weak and thought that she was coming down with a flu or virus because she was sweating so much and when she got into the tub, barely able to walk, she fainted and drowned.  She died a hard death. It was painful. She was murdered. Killed by the Illuminati.

Bruce Lee And His Son Brandon:

It is strongly believed that Bruce Lee and his son Brandon was killed by illuminati. By watching Brandon's final movie: 'The Crow', it is definately clear that Brandon Lee was ritually murdered. As everyone is well aware of that Brandon met his tragic end whilst filming "The Crow" back in 1994 - when a supposed dummy bullet accidentally fired into his mid section - killing him in the process. It is believed that his death was deliberately ordained.
In his movie, there is a horrific rape sequence within the apartment complex of the girfriend of Eric Draven (Brandon Lee). Now whats particularly interesting about this, is that this brutal act takes place inside a 'pyramid' frame with the all seeing eye above it - the very familiar illuminati pyramid.
By watching this movie again, one will see the familiar appearance of the Chrysler 'pheonix' logo, which seems to dominate the entire screen. As everyone is probably well aware - the Chrysler logo is an illuminati symbol and it appears frequently through out the whole of the movie.
Bruce Lee himself also spoke about a 4th dimensional demon or a watcher who had been following him all his life until his tragic death in 1973. Indeed, the Chinese were very superstitious and believe strongly in the existence of these 4D entities, so much so, that any male child born, the chinese would disguise as a 'female' to deter the watchers from taking the babies life.
It is  believed that the illuminati Li bloodline of hong kong - is connected to both Bruce and Brandon, hence Bruces birth name 'Li Jun Fan' and his father's 'Li Hoi Cheun' -- they are offshoots from that genealogical lineage.
Also, In Brandon's earlier 1992 movie "Rapid Fire", there is a sequence where Brandon is in a building and he is under fire from triads. Now, in one certain clip of this sequence, Brandon does a 'flip up' from the floor and if you look in the immediate background, you will see what appears to be a faceless figure of a man sitting in the background. And whats more; in 'The Crow', you can see this figure re-emerge once again in a shot where the camera is panning across a series of buildings.


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