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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Pakistan Media and Just One Good News Away.

Pakistan Media and Just One Good News Away.

Final fight between Imran Khan vs All corrupt elements has been staged. If you turn on TV and tune into any channel in Pakistan, you’ll find out there is only one issue exists in Pakistan and i.e. Maulana’s Dharna. This hype is created by Media by talking and arranging programs almost every minute.

Maulana may be do it or not but with the huge encouragements and every minute news breaks by media they’ll go for the dharna and I think the anchors and analysts who are talking about it and fuelling it, are not doing good for Pakistan.

As said by PM Imran Khan there should be some limitations in freedom of speech and I believe freedom of speech doesn’t mean you guys should promote lies, bad and fake news which pollute to general people which is not good for our country. In the name of freedom of speech anchors should never portray bad things. For instance, if in their own house there is any clash or anything which shouldn’t be shareable to outside, they’ll never talk about it and it is quite rightly so. They should consider Pakistan as own mother if anyone saying bad about it or polluting minds, they should discourage them and should never talk about it and should never promote their version publicly. But for their own business and rating they are igniting it more every day. 

They all know the truth but instead of discouraging the culprits they invite them and spread their lies in public and allow them to brain wash minds of people.

There is only one reason for Dharna which is to protect corrupts. There is simple definition of corruption no rocket science is required to understand (Suppose your income is Rs 10000 but you got assets of 10 Crore) what is the source if it is not explainable that means there is corruption behind it. It is simplest role to understand ethically too. But they are keep doing baseless and useless discussions over it. Some anchors ask why Maryam is not allowed to come on TV, for their information she is certified liar and cheater, is this reason not enough to disqualify her? Why not.  My question to those if your religion allows it then she should be allowed. Leader should be honest isn’t it?

Some major corrupt politicians sitting together- Earlier they used to blame each other for the corruption but against Imran khan they are united. After sometime for their own business they'll start blaming each other again. 

Fazal Ur Rehman’s first stance was about religion card when he realised that card can’t be played so he changed his stance by speaking current economy issues. If that guy had pain about economy then he should have spoken it first when under PPP regime every institute was about to closed. Railways didn’t have fuel there were huge scandals in almost every institute but he didn’t bother to say anything. 

I am not saying PTI government is performing ideally well. I have many concerns with PTI style of government. We know disasters just don’t happen; they are a chain of critical events. It is not wrong to say Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are like cancer their roots are so deeply spread in our society for long which can’t be corrected in short time period. Correction in society is not like machine which can be corrected by pressing one button. If we plant a tree today, we can never get fruit from it very next day, same like if a kid start school today, almost 16 years required for him to be educated. Expecting everything will be good in 1 year is like living in fool’s paradise and making people fools.   

I believe PTI should be given full time to perform. If somehow opposition able to topple the PTI government. I am afraid these mafias will get license to do more corruption. In the name of correction inflation will be increased prices will go up and they’ll blame the responsibility on previous government and in result to this economy situation will be worsen.

 I think our previous rulers raped with our economy and mishandled it very badly. They all relied on imports they haven’t set up systems to promote our exports and income. Free import policy destroyed our economy badly we are used to import almost everything which is not helpful for our local industry. If we can’t produce small canvas shoes and we need to import it from China then sorry to say we have achieved nothing so far. It is just a small example what we are doing. It is very embarrassing for me when I heard that I can get good quality blade for my machine from India. If we can’t produce good quality materials and goods then what we can do?

We all are responsible for this catastrophe. Government should set some rules and procedures so local industry should be improved. General public should also realise to buy Made in Pakistan products. Government should start awareness program of it asap. I think India had strict import policy they established their local industry well and see they are getting benefit of it today. If we apply same policy today, we’ll get result in 10 to 15 years after.

I think Asad Umer is biggest disappointment of PTI government, if that guy has some serious potential and always talk about his achievements in Engro and made it most profitable I think he should give same kind of efforts and energy to Pakistan Steel Mill and make it profitable.

I am hopeful PTI under the leadership of Imran Khan will do best for our country, we as a nation needs just one good news away of any kind to click. We need to bring change in our self-first and we all know we need that change desperately to grow and I am optimistic good days will come soon.



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