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Monday, 8 May 2017

World's Most Luxurious Train

Shiki Shima's fares on the deluxe 10-car train range between $2,200 and $10,000 but, with the service launching by East Japan Railway (JR East) just days ago, it's already sold out through to March 2018.
Available for two- to four-day itineraries around eastern Japan, the experience is closer to a boutique hotel on wheels than a routine shlep on a commuter train.

The train is designed by Ken Okuyama, celebrated for his work with Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati.
He's brought that sleek style to two glass-walled observatory cars that bookend the train, offering uninterrupted views of eastern Japan's forests, fields and coastline.

Due to the popularity of the new service, those who want a ticket to ride need to fill out an application rather than simply purchase a fare. The lucky few are then selected by lottery.
NHK World reports that only one out of every 76 applicants was able to get a place on the train's first trip this week.

It is 10 Car Train, accommodate 34 lucky passengers and takes two days and 4 days trips around eastern Japan.

 Carpeted observatory cars at the front and rear of the trains allowings you to see interrupted vies of amazing landscapes.

Shiki-Shima's lounge, designed by one of the most popular designer of this era.

 One of the best feature in this amazing train is Piano, which makes you feel so romantic.

State of the art suites, it has 17 suites. Each suite costs $9400 for single occupancy. Its very expensive isn't it?

Many people can't imagine to have this type of Bathrooms at their homes, but shiki shima has state of the art bathrooms which you can't even imagine.

Most luxurious trian has luxurious entry as well. Service makes you feel so special like king of the world.

It has unique platform as well.

To get ticket of Shiki Shima is not easy, travellers need to apply for the ticket and tickets allotted after lucky draw.

It has very beautiful dinning car, which offers variety of foods. You can place orders whatever you want to eat. But they'll charge you for lovely food and it won't be free.


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