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Friday, 5 May 2017

Symbolic Pictures of Famous Illuminati Celebrities Exposed

Symbolic Pictures of Celebrities showing their strong association with Illumination agenda.

Rihanna has been doing it for years. Her entire career has revolved around her looking pissed and hiding one eye. In this ad, she is selling some expensive jewelry. She still needs to let us know who owns all of this

 Acrush is the hottest boyband in China. And it is made out of girls who look like boys. They are being promoted as a “gender neutral, androgynous, non-binary band”. There are so many things that annoy me about this band that I could write a book about it. But I’ll give you the short version: The band was artificially put together by a sleazy promoter who creates crappy boy bands. They’re pushing that whole “no gender” thing because they know mass media will be nearly forced to be “in awe of their courage” or something. Also isn’t putting together five girls dressed like boys to sing in a band basically exploiting them for a cheap gimmick?

 Chantal Jensen is a leading lady of Dutch television. She recently launched a new magazine and the cover is basically a big tribute to the one-eye sign. The eye on her shirt is there to make sure you 100% understand that this is all about the one-eye sign and nothing else.

 Conchita Wurst is a pop singer who famously won the Eurovision Song Contest. More importantly, Wurst is a face of the “blurring of the genders” agenda that has been going on in the past years. Conchita wants to be a woman but she also keeps a beard to make sure things are as confusing and unnatural as possible. Anyways, a wax statue was made to celebrate “the Queen of Austria” and this is what Conchita posted on social media.
This older picture, with the antlers strategically placed on Conchita’s head, highlight the link between the elite’s obsession with androgyny and Baphomet.

 Another European magazine cover, another fat one-eye sign. “Donna Moderna” means “modern woman” in Italian. Hiding one eye is very modern.

 Pretty little liers, whatever the case may be, the ad promoting the new season is one big Illuminati tribute. Most of the girls have one eye hidden. The other eye is strategically placed at the top of a triangle.
 Robbie Williams has also been a poster boy for Monarch programming. In this pic, he is covered in butterflies and a feline (representing sex kitten programming) is strategically placed on his crotch.

 Robbie Williams’ 2009 video “You Know Me” was also about Alice in Wonderland. In this scene white rabbits stand on a dualistic floor while some of them do the one-eye sign.

The cover of Stephen King’s upcoming novel “Sleeping Beauties” features a perfect symbolic representation of mind control. The butterfly replacing the girl’s head represents MK programming taking over the subject’s mind. The book is said to “take place in a women’s prison in West Virginia during a strange mystical occurrence that causes all the women in the world to fall asleep”.

Source: Vigilantcitizens


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