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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Texts With The Most Humorous and Funny Replies

Texts With The Most Humorous and Funny Replies

Great sense of humor you would love all below funny replies.

1. Taking a bath and the creepy friend keeps asking for a picture? Here’s a way to fulfil their request and have a good laugh. They might never ask for one again.

2. Want to shut up those annoying friends who ask you whether they can ask you something? Over smart them with your wittiness.  

3. Midnight is not for deep conversations rather it is for overthinking about the least important stuff and bug others about it.

4. When someone decides to take everything thing literally, you have to jump on your witty ride and crush them under it. 

5. When she’s in a mood to initiate a cheesy conversation but you are just too old for that.

6. When you are a movie buff but your partner is a hard-core vegan.

7. This person realizes that words have feelings too but they are too humble to brack.

8. At least Alice has her priorities right!

9. Some people need to learn how to use punctuation but some people already master the art of making a pun at the right time.

10. This person may not have taken the chocolate bar but he definitely raised the bar high in the world of witty replies!

Source: 9Hive


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