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Thursday, 16 February 2017

How To Make Pakistan's Cricket Better

How To Make Pakistan's Cricket Better

Cricket is 2nd most viewed sports in the world after Soccer. Approximately 2.5 Billion people around the world watch this sports. It was first played in 18th century. Since then it has been improved a lot with technology and different techniques.

Pakistan has population just over 200 Millions. Over the decade Pakistan has produced world class players of cricket. Mostly well known land of producing great fast bowlers, but not world class
batsmen. Only few batsmen earned some respect but not so greatly. One of example is till now not a single Pakistani batsman has crossed 10000 runs barrier in test cricket. As compare to other countries where almost one or more players have well crossed that landmark. Only Younis Khan came cross to achieving this and we hope the best for him he'll cross 10000 runs in test cricket in upcoming series. Practically other than Younis Khan no other player has potential to achieve that glory in near future.

According to me below is list of some Great Players of Pakistan Cricket who had great influenced in cricket are well known internationally for their high performances. 
  • Imran Khan
  • Hanif Mohammad
  • Sarfraz Nawaz
  • Javaid Miandad
  • Waqar Younis
  • Wasim Akram
  • Saqlain Mushtaq
  • Shoaib Akhtar
  • Izmam UL Haq
  • Younis Khan

Problems Of Pakistan Cricket And Corrective Actions. 

In this article I'll try to highlight few problems which i think effecting cricket badly and some corrective measures to take it on higher level or improve. 


Pakistani chairman of cricket appointed by head of the government. it is pure political appointment the guy who has no knowledge of cricket become chairman and try to be champion. This issue has raised by many people but till now government don't want to resolve. 

Najam Sethi is biggest example of it the guy who has no knowledge may be he never played cricket at club level too but he is awarded as Chairman of Pakistan cricket. God knows better what services he delivered to government earlier to earn that place. It is same like to ask a office boy to remove tumor from a brain. Well we all know better a office boy can't do neuro surgery. So till we don't appoint people on merit problem will remain the same. 


Lack of education is one of the biggest problem of Pakistani players, most players don't have basic education. They come from backward areas and jump into national team to represent nation based on their talent. As we know education is biggest tool to sharpen mind. I don't need to explain importance of education here we all know it well.

Due to lack of education players are not able to understand and learn and react as required. Many players who also representing national side made foolish and basic errors. They just don't sense and don't want to learn from their mistakes. They keep repeat same things every time. They just don't have ability to understand the things because it is out of their capacity. which can be increased through education.

We can't make them go to school, but we can select good educated players in future or we can make system like that players must have education to be part of National side, for this it is important to have strong set up of cricket in colleges, universities or at school level.


Pakistani board showing good intention to tackle discipline issues these days but this stance should be constant and followed very strictly. Zero Tolerance on discipline should be maintained. Severe punishment should also be awarded to culprits whether player has attitude problem or any other issue. Should clean up the bad guys to set example for new generation.


Good and proper training is important ingredient of every success. Comprehensive and hard training should be conducted of Players and Coaches. if required players or coaches should be sent abroad for training. 

Psychotherapy session:

I believe to make players mentally strong every player should go through psychotherapy session regularly. Only this will improve their confidence for long run. Local commentators have made habit of it on winning of every match they call it good for confidence booster and in very next match they play like may be players don't know how to hold bat in hands. Player should also understand what are the social values his duties and how he can maintain good reputation. How he should present himself and his nation all over the world. A player who has attitude problem should be expel and never be called back for the sake of new players and respect.

Local Academies:

Cricket is almost playing everywhere in Pakistan. Government should invest extensively may be they can't open cricket academies in every city / town. But need to think about having set up of small academies all over.  They need to train children from very early age. Tournaments should be arranged between schools, colleges, universities so educated people come up. Good coaches should be appointed in all colleges it should be compulsory every college must have cricket team and proper coaching system. 

If needed player or coaches should be sent to other countries for further training. Like in India they are producing great batsmen over the time. Apart from ego to develop a player we shouldn't have any problem to send a children or coach to India for training. I can give you example of a very fine emerging cricketer from England Haseeb Hameed who performed impressively, got trained in India before he represented England.

All types of pitches should be available in Pakistan, currently our pitches more like confused pitches these are not supporting batsmen nor bowlers. Look at the batting averages of batsmen very few players have average more than 40 at first class level. Which is suggesting there is not much potential or talent in hand. It should be improved by offering good pitches and training.

In recent times cricket became modernized, mind sets and playing techniques are changed now. In modern world of cricket there is no room for any deficiency at international level. Players should be well trained at local or national level before becoming international player. Players who just have batting avg 35 or 40 at first class level and play for country is alarming and disappointed.  

Atif Jawad


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