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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Illuminati Slave Katy Perry E.T. Illuminati Symbolism Exposed

Illuminati Slave Katy Perry E.T. Illuminati Symbolism Exposed

 praying to the devil?

Katy Perry’s new music video was jam packed with subliminal imagery, some not so subliminal ones too.

Katy Perry E.T. desensitization and hidden messages

That video is Illuminati agenda. Katy appears as a grey alien (also a ‘demon’ because of the  [satan] legs at the end) that lands on Earth and breeds with the albino black guy (black+white races?) to produce a new hybrid, alien-human race.

This agenda is explained in a few conspiracy books, specially Matrix V . Also research on greys: the fact there is a tall grey in this video says much..
All the prophecies about the return of the Antichrist seem to be converging to 2012. Maybe the Antichrist will be a certain race of aliens (truly demons) that will descend upon Earth to introduce a new race of hybrid humans AFTER the Illuminati fulfill their plans of depopulation. No wonder that this video features a holocaust survivor inside a robotic suit (not sure the symbolism here, but it may have something to do with loss of humanity).

Katy appears at the end of the video with goat legs. Satan is usually depicted as a satyr (best man with goat legs). THe Antichrist has descended upon Earth, breeds with the albino guy and leads him to the “light”. A new world begins.

It’s pretty much in the open. According to prophecies, in the End Times humanity will undergo a transformation or an evolutionary step, perhaps with the help from the aliens. This will be an upgrade of your DNA, this will be “the mark of the beast” as the Bible

at 2:21 purposefully moves hand to satanic hand gesture

Even though the Katy Perry figure hasn’t landed on earth yet, keeps showing scenes from earth as though she is controlling events

Shows no humans on earth having sex or any humans for that matter. Just animals. Maybe this is implying that humans are just animals until they mate with satan’s minions. Trying to get us to think the dna “upgrade” will be a good thing.

falls from the heavens to the earth as did Satan

she mates with a robot or computerized human (singularity?) and at the moment of mating creates a new species (new dna)

AFTER the mating she no longer looks like an alien but has “come clean” with who she really is—Satan.
THIS IS IMPORTANT! They are admitting that et’s are really satanic demons in disguise!!!

Puts on glasses from 2011. Why 2011? Why not 2012? What is the meaning of the sunglasses? To blind from the “illumination” that she is bringing? (she as in satan, who is really a he/she)

Why a pigeon?

The sunglasses say “Vogue” on the side. Just looked up the meaning of Vogue. So Satanism will become the favorable/popular view?

Since the illuminati went to such lengths to give us this video, let’s keep analyzing and see what we can learn.

I’d recommend viewing with music off, however, it is like a satanic attack, embedded to attach itself to the subconscious. This has been going on for days now with me. I counter it with singing a simple Christian song until it leaves my head. I wish I had never heard it
  Katy Perry - E.T ft. Kanye West ( Exposed analyse ) Illuminati - New - must see - 2011/2012

Katy “I sold my soul” Perry is using the same old occult, freemasonic, All Seeing Eye of Lucifer symbolism again for her new video, E.T., that features Kanye “sold my soul to the devil” West.

The video starts with a robot with a subliminal Eye on its chest, letting you know who controls it.

You’re so hypnotizing. Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?

Hmmm. That’s what I call a big clue.The devil is a fallen angel, so maybe she’s singing about both.



 You open my eyes and I’m ready to go. Lead me into the light.

Freemasons call Lucifer the light bearer. You don’t want to go into that light. You may become illumined, or illuminati, even. But as you’ll notice, at the end Katy marches right into it.


 The video pushes the ever popular human/robot hybrid theme when Katy starts making out with the robot inter spliced with scenes of animals having sex. . When the time comes to chip everyone, THEY are hoping this kind of social conditioning will have made it seem like a cool idea. Watch this to understand this is very real.

 She even throws in some Monarch programming styled animal dehumanization imagery when she disrobes at the end to reveal she’s a chimera with deer legs.

The happy couple walk off at the end into the light. Is this a depiction of a Brave New World? More like a Slave New World(order).


There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.

Katy Perry – E.T Satanic symbolism (illuminati exposed)

Katy Perry – E.T. – Illuminati Symbolism Breakdown

Perry marrying brand Perry being the Daughter of a religious couple as in maybe the symbolism of the duality of man black and white good and evil. His career really took off once he got involved in the hollywood set. Her early record deal with The Matrix

The album was recorded in 2004, when Katy Perry was 20 years old.[2] In the October 2004 issue of Blender Magazine, they named Perry “The Next Big Thing!”[3] The Matrix worked with the vocalist who contributed to the writing of the music and the lyrics for the songs. Despite the buzz about the album, The Matrix decided to cancel the album weeks before the album’s due date. “Broken” was set to be its first single.[4] In 2009, after the success of Perry’s debut solo album One of the Boys, The Matrix decided to release the album under their own record label, Let’s Hear It Records.

The Matrix is a music production team, consisting of Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards, and Scott Spock. They gained fame in the early 2000s after writing and producing a series of hits for artists including Christina Aguilera, Busted, Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, McFly, Jason Mraz, Ashley Tisdale, Shakira, Britney Spears, Skye Sweetnam, and Miranda Cosgrove. They went on to co-write and produce “See You On The Other Side” for Korn which sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Just look at the names Shakira who is linked to Beyonce Jay Z with all his Masonic gestures and self confessed doesnt believe in religeon as we know but one god god of light lucifer and Beyonce

watch from 3.30 illuminati symbolism Rihanna discovered by Jay Z married to beyonce,Beyonce is dead

and obviosuly the link to gaga through Beyonce

she talks and sings of HIM lucifer the light

Spears went off the rails and maybe Aguiera is back in the fold

Always the same theme,masonic black and white, sexual reference mind control and a religious so called pure background,Aguilera,Beyonce,Perry its easy to connect the dots


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