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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

As a face that is always in the public eye, Kate Gosselin admits to having some plastic surgery procedures but denies others.

Kate is a lady that seems to look younger every time the cameras roll which certainly might suggest that some plastic surgery has been done.

Born March 28, 1975, Kate has been in the public eye as the mother of eight children. She had a successful reality show on TLC called Jon and Kate plus Eight. The show was successful until John had several affairs and was released from his contract.

While she tried to make the show continue without him, ratings soon plummeted. Few people know Kate is an RN, which actually worked in labor and delivery. She is also the daughter of a pastor.


Kate Gosselin’s Secret To Ageing

Many people wonder how Kate is ageing, but her face sure is not. Kate has been rumored to have a face lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and Botox injections.

It is apparent that Kate’s face is firm and tight and not a wrinkle in sight. She appears to have had some work done, but it is just speculation, as she denies anything.

Living in the public eye and going through such a bitter break-up, may have forced Kate to do everything she could to appear young. Other stars who have been through similar break-ups like Jennifer Aniston, feel the need to stay young and vibrant.

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Rumors

There is an intense amount of rumors about Kate and celeb plastic surgery. Being on television, it is often hard to cover up when the entire person seems to be nipped and tucked.

Her face has changed in before and after photos and she does appear to have had a breast augmentation.

Since she appears to have aged so well suggesting there could be Botox or Restylane injections.

Regardless of what Kate says, many of her fans claim that there is no way she has aged so well. Though there are many rumors, none of them can be proven, so it is all just speculation.

However, one cannot deny that her photographs do looks different, especially the ones before the break up from John and after.

Perhaps it was the lighting of the pictures or the angle at which they were shot.

Kate Gosselin Answers Cosmetic Surgery Questions

There have several rumors about Kate and plastic surgery. Kate admits to some procedures but admittedly denies have other work done. Few actually take the natural approach when it comes to being in the spotlight.

It seems more than natural for stars to have their bodies preserved to try to stay fresh in the business. Actors and actresses in Hollywood are full of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. As for Kate, she admits she did have work, but how far she actually took her plastic surgery, her fans may never know.

Of course by studying some pictures, Kate still looks natural and not overdone. Some stars like Dolly Parton take plastic surgery to extremes. Dolly admits she loves plastic surgery and has just about everything fixed at some point.

Kate is not denying any surgical procedures, but she seems to keep a level headed approach, perhaps she does not want to end up in tabloids with bad plastic surgery before and after pictures.

Source: Celebrityplasticsurgery


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