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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Famous bald men

Famous bald men
Famous bald men_Famous bald men. October 14 is Be Bald & Be Free Day. We're not even sure it's a real holiday, but from Daddy Warbucks to Yul Brynner, men of little – or no – hair proudly display their dazzling domes, and we wanted to showcase them. These world leaders, entertainers, and athletes are among the notable members of the clean pate club. They have tossed the scary comb-overs and bad toupees for a headier look.
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Andre Agassi
The now smooth-headed Las Vegas-born tennis legend – who turned professional at 16 and went on to win multiple Grand Slams – revealed in his autobiography that his famous mop of hair was actually a wig. andre agassi bald, andre agassi eight grand slams,

James Carville
The left-leaning political pundit successfully managed this presidential campaign and stayed in the spotlight with his unexpected marriage to a political party rival and frequent television appearances. bill clinton 1992 campaign, james carville mary matalin marriage, james carville mary matalin,

Dick Cheney
The native Midwesterner was one of many follicly challenged men to hold the office of vice president. Lincoln, NE,

The Dalai Lama
The exiled Buddhist leader was recognized as the 14th Dalai Lama in 1950 and has been fighting for his homeland’s independence for nearly as long. 14th dalai lama + 1950 + 15 years old, china,

Vin Diesel
The “Fast and the Furious” franchise star first gained Hollywood’s attention with a self-directed short film and his breakthrough role in “Pitch Black.” multi-facial vin diesel,

Kevin Garnett
The Boston Celtics power forward and former Mr. Basketball made headlines when he was drafted straight out of high school and signed a record-breaking contract a few years later. boston celtics, kevin garnett illinois mr. basketball, minnesota timberwolves, kevin garnett six-year $126 million

Rudy Giuliani
The former New York City mayor – who said goodbye to his notorious comb-over in 2002 – might be mulling another presidential run. Rudy Giuliani 2012 presidential run

Mikhail Gorbachev
The last general secretary of the former Soviet Union – known for his distinctive forehead birthmark – won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for his efforts to end this decades-long conflict. mikhail gorbachev nobel peace prize, the cold war,

Michael Jordan
The Chicago Bulls legend with the famous silhouette kept his bald look in retirement, but has taken some ribbing for his recent facial hair choices. air jordan logo, michael jordan bald, michael jordan moustache,

Mark Kelly
The astronaut recently announced his retirement from NASA and the Navy after piloting his final shuttle flight. U.S. politicians, mark kelly retires, Mark Kelly's final shuttle launch,

The British “Kiss From a Rose” singer married supermodel Heidi Klum in 2005. Where did they get engaged? His facial scarring and hair loss are a result of this disease. kiss from a rose, seal henry olusegun olumide adeola samuel, heidi klum, seal + heidi klum glacier, discoid lupus,

Paul Shaffer
The longtime “Late Show” bandleader and songwriter of this notable gay anthem began his career in his native Canada and performed on a legendary sketch show in the 1970s. late show with david letterman, weather girls it's raining men, Thunder Bay, Canada, paul shaffer snl, saturday night live,

Brian Urlacher
The seven-time Pro Bowl middle linebacker has played for the same NFL team since being drafted in 2000. brian urlacher stats career, chicago bears,

Bruce Willis
The two-time Emmy winner began his acting career with a receding hairline, but has gone clean-shaven in recent years. moonlighting tv, bruce willis friends, bruce willis bald,

Kevin Youkilis
The stocky, goateed Gold Glove winner – who was sidelined by injuries this season – has only played for one team since his 2004 Major League debut. kevin youkilis hip bursitis, boston red sox


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