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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Celebrities with children by different women

Celebrities with children by different women

Celebrities with children by different women, With the number of out-of-wedlock births on the rise, unwed parents aren’t unheard of these days. But some famous guys have taken the situation to a whole new level. Read through to see who has multiple baby mamas. out of wedlock births high,

Marc Anthony + fatherhood + 5 children + three women, This award-winning singer/songwriter is father to fraternal twins with this mega-star. Their divorce is not his first. Marc Anthony I need to Know, jennifer lopez + marc anthony welcome twins, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony to divorce, dayanara torres + Miss Universe, jennifer lopez + marc anthony with children

Tom Brady has two child with 2 different woman, This Super Bowl-winning quarterback has a son with his top-paid supermodel wife. See pic of the athlete and his model wife with their son. New England Patriots, gisele bundchen + $33 million + tops forbes list of highest earning supermodels, Gisele Bundchen, tom brady + gisele bundchen + children,

Antonio Cromartie nine children with eight women, The NFL cornerback struggled to remember his kids’ names when he appeared on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” See him with his youngest child. New York Jets, Antonio Cromartie kids, hard knocks hbo, antonio cromartie kids,

Millie corredtjer oscar de la hoya four women 5 children, The retired world champion boxer and recent rehab patient – whose daughter appeared on a reality show with her mother– has two kids with his current wife. oscar de la hoya rehab, meet the barkers, millie corretjer, oscar de la hoya family,

Cline Eastwood + seven children + five women, The octogenarian Academy Award winner – known for his womanizing ways – has put at least two of his children in his movies. clint eastwood has won 4 Oscars, clint eastwood affairs with women,

Marshall Faulk six children with four women, It was revealed in a 2003 trial that the NFL Hall of Fame inductee was paying thousands in child support for three of his kids. marshall faulk abuse trial, marshall faulk hall of fame, marshall faulk $15,000 child support, lindsay faulk,

+Travis Henry 11 children with 10 women, The imprisoned former NFL running back was once arrested for falling behind on child support. travis henry cocaine trafficking, travis henry $170,000 child support,

Evander Holyfield nine children with six women, The four-time heavyweight champ and “Dancing With the Stars” contestant has been sued for unpaid child support and his $10 million house was auctioned off in 2008. dancing with the stars, evander holyfield cha cha, evander holyfield sued for child support, evander holyfield house,

Mick Jagger seven children four different women, The grandfather and Rolling Stones front man has been linked to several women over the decades, but only married two of them. mick jagger four grandchildren, mick jagger tina turner live aid, mick jagger relationships, mick jagger + married twice, mick jagger children,

+Shawn Kemp seven children six women, The longtime NBA power forward has a son who is following in his athletic footsteps. Does he look like his dad? shawn kemp jr 2011,

Ray Lewis six children four different women, The Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowler has avoided prison but not thousands of dollars in child support payments. baltimore ravens, ray lewis murder charges dropped, ray lewis child support payments, ray lewis interview,

+Lil Wayne four children with four different women, The “How to Love” rapper made headlines when he fathered two babies in the same year. lil wayne nivea lauren london,

Calvin Murphy 14 children nine different women, The former Houston Rockets guard was accused of molesting five of his daughters in 2004. houston rockets, calvin murphy + shortest player in basketball hall of fame,

Rod Stewart eight children five different women, The “Maggie May” rocker became a dad for the eighth time and a grandfather for the first time this year. maggie may, rod stewart baby aiden, kimberly stewart gives birth, rod stewart kids,

+Steven Tyler three different women four children, The Aerosmith front man says he regrets choosing drugs over fatherhood, but has fathered four children, one of whom is this actress look-alike. aerosmith videos, +steven tyler regrets choosing drugs over fatherhood, Steven Tyler with daughters Liv and Mia,


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