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Monday, 10 October 2011

Best retirement locations in the world

Best retirement locations in the world
Best retirement locations in the world, For some, an attractive suburb near a big city is the best choice for a place to spend their retirement years. These locations stand out in terms of costs and quality of life.

Retire near the city
Do you want peace, quiet and affordability in retirement while still being able to take advantage of a big city’s cultural and other amenities? We screened suburbs 25 miles or less from a big-city center and chose the top spots based on median housing cost, living costs and taxes, nearby hospitals, serious crime, mass transit, air quality and higher-education opportunities for late-in-life enrichment. Here are 15 of the best. best retirement locations in the world,

Allen, Texas
With a median home price of barely $200,000, this northern Dallas suburb of 84,000 has a low cost of living, low crime, that favorable Texas tax climate and a local hospital. It sits near rail transit to downtown Dallas. One drawback: below-average air quality.

Beaverton, Ore.
Nike's world headquarters is surrounded by this suburb of 93,000, which is nine miles west of Portland. Average home prices are about $300,000, and the cost of living is slightly above the national average. But there's good weather and air, a rail line to downtown, and hospitals and colleges within five miles.

Brentwood, Mo.
Its population of 7,000 is on the smallish side, but this close-in St. Louis suburb (six miles) has a rail link, low crime, a low cost of living and a home price average in the mid-200,000s. Downsides are temperature extremes and below-average air quality.

Broomfield, Colo.
Thirteen miles northwest of Denver, this 55,000-person city enjoys easy access to the big city, a nearby hospital and college, low crime and good air quality. The average home price is less than $300,000, although the cost of living is 7% above the national average. broomfield colorado,

Cary, N.C.
With a population of 135,000, this suburb nine miles west of Raleigh has one of the lowest crime rates on this list. It also has average home prices around $300,000 and a below-average cost of living. cary north carolina,

Davis, Calif.
The average home price of $450,000 is the highest on our list. But this Sacramento suburb of 65,000 has a lot going for it anyway. Favorable factors include a local hospital, its own University of California campus and rail links to both Sacramento, 15 miles east, and the San Francisco Bay Area, 50 miles southwest. There's good weather and above-average air quality, too. university of california davis,

Edmond, Okla.
Ignore the tornadoes. This Oklahoma City suburb of 80,000 has two hospitals, two colleges, the cheapest cost of living on this list, good air and average home prices under $200,000. The state's tax climate is favorable to retirees. But there's limited mass transit to the big city 13 miles south.

Fayetteville, Ga.
Homes in this 15,000-person suburb 22 miles south of Atlanta average about $200,000, reflecting the lower-than-average cost of living. Mass transit to Atlanta, however, is limited, although Atlanta’s airport is just 10 miles away. There’s also a local hospital.

Fishers, Ind.
With the lowest crime rate on our list, this Indianapolis suburb of 70,000 people also offers value. Homes average a tad above $200,000, and the cost of living is 10% below the national average. But there's only modest mass transit to the big city 14 miles to the southwest.

Fort Thomas, Ky.
Although it's in another state, this 15,000-person community is actually a Cincinnati suburb. It’s only five miles from the big city and is served by its buses. Typical homes go for under $200,000. The cost of living is 9% below the national average. There's also a local hospital. fort thomas kentucky,

Friendswood, Texas
With the scaling down of the space program, home prices in this southeast Houston suburb of 35,000 near the Johnson Space Center are in the $200,000s and might go even lower. The cost of living is below the national average. A hospital is five miles away.

Gilbert, Ariz.
Three hospitals dot this Phoenix suburb of 215,000, the third-biggest town on our list. The average home price is about $250,000, and the cost of living is 6% below the national average. Downside: Mass transit to the big city 22 miles west is extremely limited.

Henderson, Nev.
Sixteen miles southeast of the Las Vegas strip, this suburb of 255,000 has a hospital and a four-year state college. Other attributes: low crime, average home prices below $250,000, a cost of living 4% below the U.S. norm and an appealing tax climate for retirees.

Lauderdale, Minn.
The winters are cold in this close-in (four miles) Minneapolis suburb of barely 2,000 people. But the town has low crime, an average home price below $200,000 and a nearby hospital and college. One drawback: the cost of living is 15% above the national average.


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