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Saturday, 18 June 2011

US News College Rankings 2011

US News College Rankings 2011
US News College Rankings 2011. The US news college rankings 2011 have been published and this has raised a lot of enthusiasm among the students community at large. As per the report published by the US news and world report college rankings, Harvard again went on to regain the number one slot alone, after sharing it with Princeton last year.The students and alumni of Harvard are once again delighted to hear the news that Harvard University is again the top university in the USA. Out of 100 points based on which the ranking is done, Harvard marched ahead in one point only and that is because of its superior student graduation rates, quality of staff and financial resources.

The next four positions are taken by Princeton, Yale, Columbia and Stanford. Stanford took a tie for the fifth place with the University of Pennsylvania. In the last year, the biggest winner was the Columbia in the New York City, where its ranking went up from the eighth to the fourth position, replacing the prestigious MIT and Cal Tech, or the California Institute of Technology.

The following are the first ten US college rankings -

1.Harvard University
2.Princeton University
3.Yale University
4.Columbia University
5.Stanford, University of Pennsylvania
7.Cal Tech, MIT
9.Dartmouth, Duke, University of Chicago

Among the undergraduate colleges which focuses more on undergraduate courses, Williams College has topped the rank in liberal arts in the US News college rankings list.

Source: news365today


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