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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Exes who starred together

Exes who starred together
Exes who starred together. Cameron Diaz's latest comedy, "Bad Teacher," premieres today. She appears with an ex-boyfriend in the film, so we're taking a look at other famous exes who have shared the big screen after a breakup.
Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz
What movie: "Bad Teacher" 

Their relationship: Diaz met Timberlake in 2003 at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice awards. Though seen together at events, they remained hush-hush about theirrelationship.

The breakup: In early 2007, the pair released a statement to announce the end of their "romantic relationship."
Julie Christie & Warren Beatty
What movie: "Heaven Can Wait" 

Their relationship: The British-born Christie was a "Darling" of the film industry when she began dating Beatty in 1967.

The breakup: In 1974, Beatty's legendary womanizing got the best of theirrelationship, and they parted ways. But they maintained a friendship, working on films together in 1975 and 1978. In 1981, Beatty dedicated his Oscar for "Reds" to Christie.
Drew Barrymore & Justin Long
What movie: "Going the Distance" 

Their relationship: They started dating while filming "He's Just Not That Into You". Their relationship blossomed over next year, and Long told Oprah Winfrey that Barrymore was "the most compassionate person I've ever met".

The breakup: It's not clear why, but in the summer of 2008 they broke up. Since then, they've both stated their continued friendship and admiration of one another
Diane Keaton & Al Pacino
What movie: "Godfather III" 

Their relationship: They met while being cast in this masterwork by a notable director and vintner. They hooked up a few years later, dating off and on through the '70s and '80s.

The breakup: While working on their last film together, it surfaced that Pacino had fathered his assistant's child a year earlier, and the couple separated. Oprah Winfrey asked Keaton about Pacino in 2006
Bruce Willis & Demi Moore
What movie: "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" 

Their relationship: They eloped in Las Vegas in 1987. They went on to have three children and settled into an Idaho estate.

The breakup: They separated in the late '90s and eventually divorced. Moore made news when she began dating and a married a much younger man. Willis and Moore have maintained good relations through the years
Jack Nicholson & Anjelica Huston
What movie: "The Crossing Guard" 

Their relationship: Huston and the free-spirited Nicholson lived together through the '70s and '80s, appearing together in a number of films.

The breakup: Their romantic relationship ended in 1989 when an actress became pregnant with Nicholson's child. In an interview with Parade magazine, he remarked, "Anjelica's first response was, 'You have to support this woman.'What was her second response?
Ben Affleck & Jennifer LopezWhat movie: "Jersey Girl" 

Their relationship: Their romance and engagement is referred to as the "Bennifer era", during which they made the forgettable "Gigli".

The breakup: The two co-stars postponed their September 2003 wedding. Affleck and Lopez made their breakup official the following January, two months before the premiere of their comedy, directed by Kevin Smith.

Woody Allen & Mia Farrow
What movie: "Husbands and Wives" 

Their relationship: Allen had a child and adopted three more with Farrow, yet they preferred to live apart.

The breakup: When it came out that he was having an affair with Farrow's adopted daughter, Allen and Farrow soon engaged in an explosive custody battle. Farrow later wrote a book about her time with Allen, "What Falls Away"
Courteney Cox & David Arquette
What movie: "Scream 4" 

Their relationship: The "Cougar Town" actress met Arquette while making a ghoulish classic in 1996. They married three years later and had a daughter in 2004.

The breakup: They separated in 2010, explaining it this way. A distraught Arquette had TMI moments on the radio and TV. As of yet, there has been no public reconciliation.



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