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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Celebrity Health Tips

Celebrity Health Tips
Celebrity Health Tips. Your health should always be near the top of your 'to do list' but so many of us neglect to find the time to look after ourselves. Here are some top celebrity health tips that are easy to incorporate into your health regime and are sure to make for a fitter and healthier you – so no excuses get started now!

Just add vinegar

Megan Fox drinks apple-cider vinegar to help cleanse her body. Not being a big exercise or dieting fan, she is said to use cleanses to help rid her body of toxins and keep her in great shape.

Apple-cider vinegar helps detoxify the liver which plays an important part in weight control. Just two teaspoons of apple-cider vinegar in water before every meal can help aid with weight loss by speeding up metabolism. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins so it's a great overall health boost.
Eat little and often

"The secret to most celebrity diets is eating every two to three hours," says trainer Patrick Murphy, famous for keeping Eva Longoria Parker's petite body in shape. Check out his advice:

"Avoid pigging out!," he says. "This only causes fat gain. Some people don't eat all day then pig out at night, which slows down your metabolism. As soon as you get up, don't wait two hours before you eat. Rev up your metabolism and get your systems working."
Say no to alcohol

Kelly Osbourne watched "the weight literally drop off" after giving up "drugs and drinking". So what is the issue with alcohol? The main problem in that most alcoholic drinks contain high amounts of sugar, which if not burnt off will soon be adding to those muffin tops.

However, If you simply can't avoid alcohol all together then follow Philip Goglia's advice he gives to his celeb clients and drink the "healthy" way: "The key is to stick to a single ingredient alcohol and stay away from fermented drinks."
Go vegie

Alicia Silverstone is one of the many stars who have reaped the benefits of following a vegetarian diet. "Since I've gone vegetarian, my body has never felt better and my tastebuds have been opened up to a whole new world. It's one of the most rewarding choices I've ever made," Alicia has reportedly said.

If you follow nutritional guidelines a vegetarian diet has many health benefits, including a reduction in saturated animal fats which can help reduce blood cholesterol levels, the incidence of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, as well as reduce overall body weight.
Put fish on the menu

Pop diva Madonna is said to have followed a salmon-rich diet in order to gain from its age-defying properties. From a woman who looks much younger than her age, we think she must know something about keeping those youthful looks.

One serve of oily fish, like salmon, sardines or mackerel, three times a week, will help make a real contribution to your longevity. Keep large fish species, such as swordfish and marlin, to a minimum though as big game fish tend to contain high levels of mercury, the national heart foundation recommends eating fish no more than three times a week.
Go green

Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge fan of green tea, kick-starting her day with a cup every morning. She has also been seen sipping the green beverage to quench her thirst on even the hottest days of the year.

Green tea works to regulate blood-sugar levels by reducing the amount of insulin the body produces. This prevents fat being stored and keeps your appetite under control. It also contains catechin polyphenols which are effective thermogenics, increasing your metabolism and the amount of body fat you burn.
Take up Budokon

Both Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have experienced the benefits of this fitness regime that combines yoga and martial arts and includes mediation, stretching and cardio exercises. Budokon creator Cameron Shayne, says, "You will notice an emotional difference almost immediately", and if you participate regularly then your "whole body will be very toned".
Hit the spa

Alicia Keys is a devoted spa goer. "I love a day when you're with your friends getting your toes and your nails done. Anything that has to do with rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit, I'm all for it: a spa or a great massage," Alicia told People.

A good spa treatment will leave you looking and feeling revived, pampered, and relaxed — as if you've had a mini holiday. So be sure to book yourself in for one right now!
Eat healthy snacks

Mum-of-three Demi Moore keeps her svelte figure in shape and her energy levels high by snacking on apple slices smeared with peanut butter. What's her reason for indulging in this weird snack? Well, the peanuts help to boost metabolism and curb sugar cravings and the apples help to prevent bloating as well as boost brain power.

Peanut butter also contains good-for-you fats, which are a great concentrated source of energy, as well as heaps of fat-soluble vitamins to help maintain healthy, glowing skin.
Drink plenty of water

So how much should we be consuming? Trainer and nutritionist to the stars, Philip Goglia, says, "The aim is to drink, at minimum, 14 millilitres of water a day for every half kilogram of body weight to create the right amount of heat internally to help flush fat and toxins, and move the nutrients that make your diet more efficient."



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