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Saturday, 28 May 2011

sarah mclachlan South Park

Sarah mclachlan South Park
sarah mclachlan South Park. Sarah McLachlan on Southpark: Singer 'appears' in crack baby ad. Sarah McLachlan made a guest appearance on "South Park" Wednesday (May 25) -- except it wasn't exactly her voice behind her animated likeness. The singer was parodied on the hit Comedy Central show for her appearances in those heart wrenching SPCA Animal Cruelty videos that we all know and cringe at the thought of. In the episode, Kyle and Stan are subjected to a commercial for "crack babies" featuring the "Angel" singer herself.
"Oh no, it's that super sad Sarah McLachlan commercial, look away," Kyle shouts. "Dude this is the saddest commercial ever. Don't watch."

"Hello, I'm Sarah McLachlan and I was famous for two months," the character on the commercial says. "Each year, thousands of babies are born addicted to crack and lie in hospitals without a mother to hold them."

Watch the clip below. Later on in the episode, the boys create the "Crack Baby Athletic Association" where they charge money to watch crack babies play competitive sports.

Always classy, this show. That's why we love it, right?



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