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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Best and worst dressed at the Met Ball

Best and worst dressed at the Met Ball

See which celebs lit up the red carpet at the 2011 Met Ball and which ones looked like they got dressed in the dark…

 Best: Blake Lively
Blake Lively is living proof that if your hair looks fabulous and you’ve got Karl Lagerfeld on your arm, you can pretty much get away with wearing pretty much anything – even a sparkly body suit topped off by a chiffon toga.

Worst: Christina Hendricks

We’re not sure what Christina Hendricks did to Carolina Herrera, but it must have been pretty bad. Why else would the designer stuff Christina’s bodacious bod into this shiny ombré nightmare?

Best: Evan Rachel Wood

 Evan Rachel Wood’s aubergine Gucci gown was one of the most stunning dresses of the night. The sheer neckline is very art deco and the dress fits like a glove, making her body look absolutely amazing. Minimal accessories, an architectural updo and a matching mani complete the retro-glam vibe.

Worst: Freida Pinto

 We know the invite said black tie only, but we think Freida Pinto might have taken that a little too literally. This is the couture version of the tacky tuxedo.

Best: Ginnifer Goodwin

 We instantly fell in love with Ginnifer Goodwin’s gorgeous emerald dress, mostly because the colour was such a breath of fresh air amidst all the red and black dresses. Even better, the dress was made by Topshop. Add some hints of turquoise in her necklace and shoes, plus a gorgeous teal eye and you’ve got the best-dressed girl on the red carpet.

Worst: Jennifer Lopez

 Sorry Jennifer Lopez, but a faux flower shrug doesn’t work on even the most fashion-forward star. It looks like a Home Economics project gone horribly awry.

Best: Emma Stone

 On any other actress, this dress might look too much like Grandma’s sofa slipcover, but on Emma Stone, it works. That’s because the stylish star paired it with a very modern updo and bright pink lip. Tresémme celebrity stylist Mara Roszak created the undone chignon because she “wanted to balance Emma’s dress, which had a beautiful maturity to it, with hair that felt modern and soft.”

Worst: Kristen Stewart

 Kristen Stewart just does not know how to work the red carpet. It probably doesn’t help that this Proenza Schouler frock looks like it would be better suited on the set of Twilight.

Best: Christina Ricci

 We call this look ‘Couture Wednesday Addams’ and Christina Ricci is rocking it. We’re not usually fans of a tulle fishtail hem, but because the rest of the dress is so gorgeously gothic, it works in this scenario.

Worst: Rihanna

At this point we’ve kind of given up on Rihanna wearing clothes that aren’t see-through. We usually love her daring style, but this just feels a bit lazy for RiRi – very Cher circa 1992.
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