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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Serena Williams worst outfits

Serena Williams worst outfits

The 10 craziest Williams sisters outfits

Serena Williams returned to practice this week after illness, and celebrated by posting a photo on Twitter of her incredible pink all-in-one outfit.It might just be the craziest thing she has ever worn - quite a statement considering some of the fantastic fashion creations the Williams sisters have worn over the years. Here is a look at 10 of the best.
 The incredible fluorescent outfit unveiled this week.

 Where it all began - Venus and Serena at the 1998 Australian Open.

 Yes, Serena really is wearing a Cameroon football kit at the 2002 French Open.

 Serena showcases her impressive, er, curves at the 2002 US Open. You could rest a pint glass on that thing...

 Utter lunacy from head to toe, and therefore quite brilliant. Serena's 2004 US Open get-up.

 The caption-writers are saved a job with this earring at the 2007 Key Biscayne Open.

 Venus strikes back with an outrageous dress and hairdo combo at Key Biscayne in 2009.

 Serena asks a cheeky question after winning Wimbledon in 2009.

 Yikes. Just yikes. Venus au naturel at the 2010 French Open.

 And with her prize money from the 2011 Australian Open, Venus could afford the rest of that dress.

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