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Friday, 8 April 2011

Kate Middleton dolls

Kate Middleton dolls

Kate Middleton? She’s a real doll… and here’s the proof: But she might not be too impressed by the likeness.

She’s about to join the Royal Family as the wife of the future king. So could anything make Kate Middleton’s life more perfect?
How about her very own Barbie-style doll?
The grinning figure, complete with glossy mane of brown hair and distinctive fascinator headwear just like Kate’s, has gone on sale at Hamleys, the London toy store.

 Outside Mansion House: The doll has just gone on sale at Hamley’s toy store

 Kate’ pays a visit to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace ahead of the Royal wedding

 Mind the gap: The doll stands in front of a passing Tube train  
Anyone wanting the ‘Princess Catherine Doll’, which comes in a regally purple box with crown and Union Jack motifs, will have to pay £35.

Just 10,000 of the dolls have been created, dressed and accessorised by seven British fashion designers. The Eaton clutch bag is an exact replica of Kate’s, with gold mock snakeskin leather effect, horseshoe clasp and gold chain
The doll’s high-heeled slingback shoes are inspired by British shoe maker Beatrix Ong, even featuring a miniature label on the insole.
Not only that, but the ring the doll is wearing contains a real purple amethyst – so perhaps this is one doll that’s not really for the children.
And while the resemblance to Kate is less than striking, the makers can point to the fact that they’ve done better than the Royal Mint.
The official coin struck to commemorate the engagement was said to make the princess-in-waiting look masculine and fat.

 Two-year-old Keterin de George clutches her Limited Edition Princess Catherine Engagement Doll during the launch at Hamleys. Some might say it bears little resemblance to the real princess.

 The Kate doll took in some of the London landmarks favoured by tourists… and those favoured by her future brother-in-law.

 The Kate Middleton Doll in front of the advertising wall in Piccadilly Circus

 Grin and bear(skin) it: Kate gets acquainted with royal guard.

Source: Daily Mail



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