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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Most revealing red carpet fashions

Most revealing red carpet fashions

Rihanna’s dress at the Grammys got us thinking… Who can forget Jennifer Lopez’s famous jungle dress at the Grammys, or Lil’ Kim’s pasties at the VMAs? When celebrities want attention, they know how to get it. From almost naked to way too sheer, these 10 celebrities’ red carpet outfits left little – or absolutely nothing – to the imagination.

As Rihanna walked the red carpet at the 2011 Grammys, people actually asked her “Who are you wearing?” How was that their first question? Ours was, “what, exactly, do you have on underneath the tissue paper stripes you have swathed around your naked form?” In case you wanted the answer to the first question, it’s Jean Paul Gaultier. The answer to the latter question remains a mystery.

Jennifer Lopez

 Ah, the infamous Versace jungle print ‘dress’ that introduced the population to a whole new interpretation of what qualifies as an appropriate award show outfit. When Jennifer Lopez arrived at the 2000 Grammy awards, she was basically wearing a sarong that had been fashioned into a dress over teal bikini boy shorts. She was actually nominated for an award that night, but does anyone even remember whether she won or lost?

Toni Braxton

It was so innovative of Jennifer Lopez to start the whole, “there’s really no need to wear a ‘dress’ when you can just put on some scraps of fabric” trend. As you can see, it caught on quickly among famous exhibitionists like Grammy nominee and winner Toni Braxton. The singer wore this uh, white apron-cape with a sequin belt (for what? modesty?) at the 2001 awards. We really hope it wasn’t windy that night.

Taylor Momsen

 It’s not just the Grammys that brings out celebrities’ inner provocateurs. Taylor Momsen has become quite well known for wearing underwear as outerwear on red carpets despite the fact that she is 17 and looks horribly inappropriate when she shows up at, say, the premiere of Justin Bieber’s movie dressed this way. If this picture has you asking “where are her parents!?” don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Leighton Meester

On the opposite end of the classy spectrum is Taylor Momsen’s Gossip Girl co-star, Leighton Meester. The stylish and usually fully covered star startled everyone when she showed up at the Harry Winston Court of Jewels Recreation in a completely sheer Marchesa romper with a plunging neckline. Our rule of thumb? If your outfit requires you to borrow your grandmother’s lace underwear (and it shows), do reconsider.

Rose McGowan

 Honestly, Rose McGowan, there’s shock value, and then there’s just showing up naked. You did the latter at the VMAs in 1998. Très déclassé.

Lil’ Kim

If you’re having a sparkly lavender bodysuit custom-made for the ’99 VMAs, it’s only natural that you’d say to your seamstress, “could you sew it so my left breast is completely exposed and then make a matching pasty? I really think it would add a little something extra – I just don’t think my sparkly lavender bodysuit and matching purple wig have enough of a wow-factor.” At least, that’s the conversation we like to imagine took place…

Katy Perry

While Jennifer Lopez gets credit for single-handedly reviving the double-sided tape industry, Britney Spears helped launched another form of titillating bodywear in the music video for Toxic: the bedazzled nude bodysuit. Katy Perry wore the dress form of this trend to the 2010 MTV movie awards, but she adapted Spears’ bodysuit, on which the rhinestones were randomly scattered, to make her outfit a little more MTV-audience-friendly.

Christina Aguilera

This is how Christina Aguilera looked in 2000. We’ll just pause and let that sink in. Remember our rule of thumb for Leighton Meester? We have one for Christina, too. Laces are for shoes, not clothes. We’re not even going to address that hairstyle.

Coco Austin



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