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Friday, 28 January 2011

Most Provocative X-Rays Pinup Calendar

“Miss September” wears stiletto heels as she strikes a pose for the Eizo X-ray pinup calendar.

It seems there is always someone thinking up new ways to shock us. This year’s pin-up calendar features X-rayed not X-rated girls. Yes, you heard me right. Bizarre but true.
This 2010 pin-up calendar is the weird brain child of a German advertising agency called Butter. The idea was to promote Eizo’s high-precision displays for medical imaging so they used X-rays to shoot the pin-up models.

The Butter Agency declares that “pin-ups are more often found in auto garages rather than in medical offices.” I’ll say. “Eizo breaks this taboo,” Butter boasts. “This pinup calendar shows absolutely every detail.”

Their ad promotion made quite a splash on the Coloribus ad archive recently. Ever since these bizarre pin-up photos have been making their rounds on the Internet like the bizarre version of a Playboy centerfold.

Apparently, this calendar is a promotion only kind of thing and is not available as an actual calendar though certainly plenty of guys have tried to procure one. When several emailed the company: “Sorry, you can’t get it here. However, we appreciate the impact it has had on Eizo’s U.S. brand recognition,” the company wrote back.

What’s next? First we have skeletal thin fashion models because of eating disorders and the beauty world’s pressure to be too thin. Now we are gonna X-ray them too for display as pin-ups?

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