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Saturday, 25 December 2010

10 Of The Worst Style Trends Of 2010

Harem pants

We know from other photos of her and in-person appearances that Gwen Stefani does NOT have large, wrinkly, chubby legs. So, why would she wear a pair of pants that make us think she does?

Matronly hemlines

As a rule, hemlines that hit at your calves are universally unflattering because that's the widest part of a woman's leg (besides your thigh, and this rule doesn't apply to mini skirts because you can see most of your leg). I am all for long dresses and skirts, but this in-between length on Kirsten Dunst is just horrible.

Kids' hats on adults

I think being a child at heart is cool! I laugh at bathroom humor, I'd play Barbies in a second if I still had access to them, and I could splash around in the ocean all day. However, you will never, I repeat, NEVER catch me wearing a fuzzy animal hat with actual ears on it, like Khloe Kardashian. Never.

Stiletto nails

Ouch! Imagine being accidentally snagged by one of these talons? In 2010, stars like Fergie, Rihanna and Beyonce began rocking the pointy "stiletto nail," and I'd love it if they would stop.

Nerd couture

I know that Keira Knightley's head-to-toe look is from supremely talented designer Miuccia Prada (her Miu Miu line, specifically) but, I'm sorry. Just because it's got a designer label sewn into it doesn't mean it's not a couple of silk, cat-printed separates. All. Worn. Together.

The over-stylized, Bieber-fication of young America

Remember when 16-year-old boys just threw on the cleanest thing on their bedroom floors before heading out into the world? They were so much more adorable when they didn't think/know/care that they were adorable. Now they're like, robots whose hair follicles don't even move, and who have on more accessories than we've got in our whole wardrobe room. Yes, Justin Bieber, I'm talking to you.

The deep V

I feel terrible singling out Chuck Bass (since I'm, well, infatuated with him), but this is very bad. No one wants to see what your chest hair situation is at first impression. Not even if you're Ed Westwick.

The Blowout

Full disclosure: I am a HUGE "Jersey Shore" fan. I am so addicted to this show it's not even funny/healthy. And while I could dedicate an entire blog to its fashion, I must say that the most offensive trend to hit America this year is the sculpted, shellacked, gravity-defying men's hairstyle, the Blowout. The amount of product in Pauly D's hair is terrible for the environment, and just too unnatural to be true. And yet, it is.

Too-tight men's jeans

Skinny jeans are great for people who want to accent their slim legs and create a nice, lean silhouette. Unfortunately, thanks to genetics, men don't ordinarily fall under the slim leg category. This often results in a sausage effect, seen here on Russell Brand.

Ironic mustaches

For a few years now, Brooklyn hipsters have been rocking these gross, creepy and "ironic" mustaches. So far they've mildly annoyed everyone who's had to look at them, but now they've gone too far. They've taken over the faces of our favorite leading men like Danny Masterson, James Franco and Colin Farrell and that, my friends, is just wrong.

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